Thursday, October 21, 2010

Popular sayings and phrases in today's most popular ads!

I've been doing some research lately and have noticed MANY reoccurring sayings or phrases in ads, banners, and all sites revolving around marketing. I still haven't figured out why marketing experts pick these phrases, but they work when you're trying to attract readers to your site! I'll go ahead and list a few of them as examples. 

"It's the words that do the selling..."

"The little secret no one else is telling you..."

"I have some very good news for you..."

"Thousands Have Discovered This
Little Known Secret To Making
Money Online -- Now It's
Your Turn..."
-- Special Limited Time Offer --

These are results of a amazing marketing research that stands the tests of time and showed exactly how important the testing of headlines is in the success of your ads. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email:


  1. So true, and people just keep eating it up.

  2. And it is now making us turn and run?

  3. I don't see how people fall for these things!

  4. most people fall for them, most probably yourself too.

    When it's laid out like that it jumps to your face but when carefully disguised, most people walk right through it

  5. i may have fallen for some of these