Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Silly Whopper Ad

A Burger King ad bashing their competitors, McDonalds!

Funny Ad Mix-Up

One of the Ad's on top ripped and reveled the one under it, the result, well.. view for yourself:

Delicious Wendy's Ad

If you can make something to get people go out and buy something NOW, you'll be successful. Wendy's has done that with this double baconator. 

Funny Elevator Ad Encourages Exercise

 Funny Elevator Ad

 Translation says:  Becel: Take action. Love your heart. 

This  is a great way to take aim at a specific target of people, obviously this is targeting the people who take the elevator rather than the stairs and encourages a more healthy way of living!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Funny Science World Ad

Heres a funny ad made by Science World that I stumbled upon:

Shocking Unicef ad!

I was shocked at the amount of people that die from polluted drinking water!

Here's a link to their website, donate if you care about saving children!


Awesome Heineken Ad!

Heineken must have payed a lot for this ad, look how large it is! 

Remember to drink responsibly folks! 

Bears meet Hummer?

Here's a new hummer ad I found pretty funny!

Great ads in New York City! Part 3

More New York City ads, these are my faves!

Awesome Coke ad displaying their new recyclable products!

There are now some awesome digital bus ads around NYC and a few other cities, which are LCD displays with shared ad space, here's one from a New York bus:

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Great ads in new york city! Part 2

Continuing from earlier, great ads in New York City!

A throwback Yahoo ad 

GTA IV: Last and Damned Ad, this one is HUGE!

Advertising done wrong.

Why would you give a dog a birthday card? 

Great ads in new york city! Part 1

Thought I would dedicate this post to great ads in New York City!

Left 4 Dead Ad

Apple Store Ad

These are just a few, stay tuned and check often, more coming soon!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Great Sidewalk Ad!

An idea if you have any plan on a sidewalk ad anytime soon! My company did something like this a few years ago, much smaller though!

Funny Foot Odor Ad!

If you've ever smelled or dealt with other peoples shoes, you know just how bad some peoples feet stink!

Popular Coca-Cola Ad

Something to keep in mind is characters when creating an ad. Characters got Coca-Cola as an extremely recognizable company during the Christmas season, using Santa!

New blog layout and banner!

What do you guys think of my new site banner? It took me nearly 9000 hours in photoshaps.

Funny Chik-Fil-A Ad!

Great way to get vegetarians to visit your restaurant! PETA friendly!

Dog Ad and Quick Note

This ad demonstrates great photoshop skills, it looks as if the dog actually dug up the asphalt!


 Lately I've been getting a lot of interesting blog comments, make sure you guys are actually interested in my blog before following! It's really interesting stuff and if you need any help with creating an ad for you business just ask!

Great Nikon Ad!

This ad really demonstrates good lighting, something to think about at your next photoshoot!

25 Best Commercials Ever

Hey guys, I just came across some of the best commercials ever. If you're thinking about making one in the near future you'll want to check this out!

Just a quick heads-up.

I've had a few concerned viewers thinking this isn't a legitimate help blog, but it is! If you're looking for information on getting better ads online, feel free to contact me! Weekday evenings I'll be here to help with all of you ad related questions or concerns!

Catching your readers attention!

To catch a reader’s attention, use a terrific headline- Some authors will tell you that the headline is 80% of what makes a reader take notice of your ad. I agree, and often think that it’s closer to 95%. The best way to write headlines is to think of somebody who is very bored skimming through a newspaper. What’s going to attract his attention? Your headline must be so compelling and interesting that the reader thinks, “I’ve got to read this!”

Think you know the Secrets to Great Advertising?

The biggest mistake professionals make when it comes to advertising is thinking that all “advertising” fits in one basket. They may say, “Oh, I tried advertising…it didn’t work for me.” The truth is that there are really two baskets of advertising. There’s the very large basket of bad professional advertising, and the much smaller basket of effective professional advertising.

Tomorrow's ads are today's future!

Back in the mid-1940s, Seagram's advertised its VO Canadian whiskey with a series of extremely manly magazine ads about "Men Who Plan Beyond Tomorrow" -- unspecified futuristic thinkers who liked the fact that Seagram's was patient enough to age VO for six years. Today with our innovation in technology think of what kind of ad revenue you could be making if you run an ad with as much attention as that!

How to make your Ad's stand out from the crowd!

If you want to give your advertising an instant advantage in markets that are rife with competition...then this article will show you how.

Listen to this:

If you look at most of the really hot and competitive markets -- like diet, Internet marketing, make money from home, etc -- there's one thing just about all the ads you'll see have in common.

And that is they all use outrageous promises -- especially in the headline.

In many cases it's almost like a race to see who can have the most inflated promises without getting in trouble with the FTC.

And simple as it sounds...if you want to cut through all the hype and screaming many of these ads contain...simply do the exact opposite of what they do in your ads.

For example, let's say you sell an ebook or report on how to make money on the Internet.

You could do what everyone else does, and try to find more dramatic and colorful ways of expressing the same basic promise like:

How To Use The Internet To Make Huge Gushing Wads Of Cash Flow Like A River Into Your Bank Account...GUARANTEED!

Or, you could go around all the screaming, yelling and multiple exclamation points...and actually tone down your claim.

Like, for example, focusing more on your "mechanism".

The idea here is to go around the competition by taking a completely different approach. Doing so is like having at a new car lot full of beautiful white cars...and sticking a red one in there. Even if it's not as "flashy" as the white ones...it will always be noticed.

And getting noticed -- especially in a hot market -- is usually 90% of the battle.